The Project Plan is a formal, approved document used to manage project execution activities. Project planning documents are necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate the various activities. The PROPLAN defines how the project is executed, monitored, controlled and closed. PROPLAN  is a software solution for monitoring activities of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and displaying planned verses actual progress report in the form of graph.



  • Plan, schedule and control complex projects
  • Allocate best resources to activities and track progress
  • Monitor and visualize actual project performance versus planned performance


Planning helps engineers to complete the project in time, within the budget and to minimize the cost by optimum utilization of available resources.



 Planning Includes:

  • Dividing project into distinct activities
  • Estimating time requirement of each activity. Establishing predecessors and successors relation of various activities
  • Displaying Gantt chart, S-curve which indicates actual work progress and pending work of certain period of time in relation to the planned dates



  • Scheduling of the Engineering, Procurement  and Construction activities is an important aspect in the daily management and reporting of the project progress.
  • Scheduling shows the duration required for activities and sequence of various activities.



  • Assigning Start Time, End time, Slack, Predecessor and Successor for each activity.
  • Effectively schedule activity during week off, national holidays without delaying project duration.
  • Setting out Dependency of activities

Consider dependent activities A and B

  • End to Start: Activity B cannot start before Activity A has ended


  • End to End: Activity B cannot end before Activity A has ended.


  • Start to Start: Activity B can start only after Activity A has started


  • Start to End: Activity B cannot finish before Activity A has started



Controlling involves a constant review of planned work to check actual progress of work and rectify  delay and pending work.

Controlling includes: 

  • Determine critical path and free float
  • Determine alternative solutions for non critical activities of project without delaying project duration.


Crew selection

Crew selection is the provision of selecting right crew for respective activities for successful completion of Project.  

  •  Selecting number of workers required for an activity, including the activity leader, helpers,  supervisors, etc.

Cost management:

Cost management allows the planning engineer to prevent additional expenditures  and help to reduce the chance of exceeding the budget due to cost of:

  • Various types of resources required for completing activities as per pre-defined standard.
  • Workers required for completing an activities that includes compensation for the worker

Quality Measurement:Qulity_structure-300x277 (1)

  •  Measuring the efficiency of worker.
  • Measuring the unit wise percentage progress of activities .



  •   Actual and planned progress is displayed in graphical format with respect to duration.


Manpower Estimation:

The  cost  of  project  highly  depends  on  the  requirements  of  labor  for  various  activities  during construction.  There  are  direct  and  indirect  costs  associated  with  the  labor  such  as  salary  of labors, their accommodation, etc. thus PROPLAN allows introducing number of labors required for each activity of the construction to estimate the final cost of project.