Work Breakdown Structure describe the scope into manageable data/chunks that project team can understand, as each level of work breakdown structure provides further definition & details.
When the project is falling / lagging behind, referring work breakdown structure will quickly identify the major deliverable impacted by failing work package or late sub-deliverable status.organization-theory-106

Work breakdown Structure can be color coded to represent sub-deliverable status. Assigning color of red for late, yellow for risk and green for target/ completed is an effective way to produce heat map of project process.


  • Top level represents final deliverable of project
  • Sub-deliverable contains work package that are assigned to organization, departments or unit
  • All elements of work breakdown structure don’t need to be defined to same level
  • Work package are unique and should not be duplicated across work breakdown structure

The 3 vital necessities of using WBS :-

  • More accurately & precisely defined and organise the scope of total project
  • Help to assigning responsibility, resource allocations, monitoring project & controlling project
  • Allows you to cross-check all deliverables & make sure of anything which is lagging behind or-else overlapping