Time is a measure in which events/tasks can be managed through past to present through future. Time is one of the seventh fundamental Physical Quantity in both International System of unit and International System of Quantity. The oldest method to measure time had been discovered in early 4000 BC.

21st century, where every nation wants to accelerate on growth has a prior note i.e. punctuality. To maintain this policy Timesheet has been introduced in MYAPP application. It is referred as a data sheet consist of employees details of their timing regarding their events. Timesheet provides information of daily routines of employees which include in and out time.

TIMESHEET consist of:-

  • DATE on which task has to be performed
  • TASK i.e. events/info

Rather than that you can also fetch description of events in portions according to time & events with the applications name which you are using. it gives clear vision of events for an employee to work in planned manner.

It is entangled with the following features:-

  • Simple time entry interface
  • Simple management
  • Integrates with PC through APPTRACKER
  • Stopwatch i.e. capture every moment user spend on project.