MYSELF is the personification of human being. It represents the identity of a person which makes him/her differ from one another. This module is added to enhance and makes it more user-friendly.

MYSELF application includes following activity:-112211_0747_PersonalInf1

  • Personal activity which consist of yours personal information like Date of Birth, contact, address, blood group etc
  • Education activity which consist of yours education criteria like college name, course name, percentage wise year and their scan copy
  • Bank activity involves the detail information about your banking connectivity. You can fetch the data regarding about bank name, branch name, bank type, account number, user name and password
  • Card implies different type of credit or debit card which you are using for commercial purpose. You can fetch the data regarding you ATM card
  • Insurance activity involves the life insurance policy
  • Social media activity consist of details information of yours social networking sites
  • Memories activity consist of photos their description which will remind you and bring pleasant and satisfactory smile of your past