When you search/heard about the word calendar, it reminds the date or the activity which is to be performed on that specific date. According to World calendar, it’s a 12 month, perennial calendar with equal quarters.

Its ancient saying THOSE WHO FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL. So, not to fail or lagging behind, calendar module will help out from this situation. In this module, we fetchCalendar the plans for today’s as well as future date so that activity should be flow sequentially and smoothly. It plays a vital role in day to day office life.

You can fetch task, appointment, meeting in this calendar module with respect to date, time and reminder. You can also set the subject i.e. the activity, start date and due date, assign to, progress of activity in %, status, priority and description about the activity.

CALENDAR module is segregated into Week wise and Month wise.

It is entangled with following features :-

  • Easy scheduling
  • Integration with E-mail
  • Integration with mobile devices
  • Sharing calendars with others