MYAPP provides a module which will help you to track the information/tasks/applications which is performed by the user.

It’s the very common query in an organization for HOD to acknowledge about the employees report. In APPTRACKER module users as well as admin will acknowledge reports regarding their daily basis of performing on application and their working hours.

APPTRACKER module consists of following sub divisions:-


  • OVERALL parameter will give descriptions of overall descriptions of applications used by different machines/user. It will show machine name, user name, process name, application and grand total timing
  • MACHINE WISE parameter will give the descriptions of particular machine, its process and timing
  • APPLICATION WISE parameter will give the descriptions of usage of different applications and timing
  • USER WISE parameter will give the descriptions of user and its application usage with timing
  • RESTRICT APPLICATION parameter is involved in this module to restrict the usage of certain application from users. Admin can set the timing and concurrent user for the application to be restricted
  • ACTIVE USER will give details of current user who are using restricted application
  • APPTRACKER plays vital role in MYAPP application. The main objective of this module is to increase/growth of company or an organization