DOMASY is an abbreviated form of Documents Management System. The name itself describes managing of documents, files etc stored in a system. It includes tools for tracking a document’s workflow to ensure that proper procedure & process are followed. It helps to organize your business documents & files in digital filing cabinet.


  • Cloud Storage
  • Backup and Restore
  • Documents Creation Template
  • Add files from external sources
  • Tracking/Searching of documents




  • Central Location/Pool for all the documents
  • Global Access via web
  • Semi-Full Automatic Storage
  • Complete search results in seconds
  • Process Optimization & Transparency Through Workflows
  • Reduce Data Storage
  • Protection Against Fire & water
  • Documents can be Accessed & Read year to come
  • In line with legal Documents Retentions


  • Integrates with E-mail Services
  • Integrates with Mobile Devices

DOMASY is a comprehensive set of tools designed to help, create and manage a paperless office rather than using multiple programs to handle the various stages of paperless workflow.