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MYAPP ENTERPRISE is a web-based software for  the following:

MYAPP is designed for each and every activity in the office starting from timesheet, employee information, application tracking, internal office communication, document management, all inwards and outwards documentation, project planning for all project and activities related with organization, Estimation, cost and bidding for any project or contract, customer relationship management etc.

MYAPP ENTERPRISE consists of the following module. Each of the below-mentioned modules can work independently or combined with each other. One can either purchase individual modules or combined MYAPP ENTERPRISE.

  • MYAPP– Office Automation Solution
  • CUREMA – Customer Relationship Management, Identify, Convert, Maintain & Strengthen your customer relationship
  • DOMASY– Document Management, All documents, inwards and outwards, documents and content management
  • PROPLAN – Activity level Project Planning, Resource and Cost Planning and execution
  • FINNACO– Finance and Accounting planning and recording
  • ESCOBI– Estimation, Cost, and Bidding
  • DCAD – 2D/3D design and drafting application


MYAPP: Office automation solution

For automating activities related to time management, daily planning of team member, employee management efficient communication within the office, Automatic time sheet, Contacts, Word and spreadsheet etc.

CUREMA: Identify, Convert, Maintain & Strengthen your customer relationship

Identify, build a strong and informational data bank of all prospect customer. Once it is captured in the software it is to be converted in to prospect and to the customer. Further maintaining and strengthening the relationship of the customer.

DOMASY : Document Management System

DOMASY module helps to maintain all related documents at a centralized location with their metadata. This metadata will be further useful for easy search of documents. The document can be set as response required and WBS can be assigned to it. The document will flow further to appropriate persons for a response as per selected WBS.

DCAD - 2D/3D design and drafting application

DCAD is a 2D/3D design and drafting application used for creation and editing graphic elements. DCAD has the functionality to create 3D frame and Mesh models, can also be used for 3D modeling.

ESCOBI –Estimation Cost and Bidding for a project

Estimation of a project based on basic and preliminary documents for any project containing PIPING, STRUCTURE, RCC, CIVIL, E&I, MECHANICAL etc. related history of cost and generation of bidding documentation.

PROPLAN(Project Planning Software): Project planning software

PROPLAN is a project management software program designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, resources management, progress tracking, managing the budget, analyze workloads, compare planned vs. actual. This can also capture actual construction/project progress from EPCPROMAN software solution and compare planned vs. actual.

FINNACO – Finance and accounting solution

Finance Organization Structure, Project budgeting, Cost Collection and roll up, Project billing, project Cost settlement, chart of accounts, revenue recognition, project cost monitoring, Mark up strategy, Budget plan, Inventory management and value change, Currency and customer invoice.